At MRT, Modelling Risk Technology Limited, we offer business-focused solutions that facilitate efficient management of your risk. Here is our philosophy: You own your risk, Then our team of experts at MRT help you to accurately assess your risk.

The solutions and services we offer:

  • Underwriting & Exposure Management Solutions & Services;
  • Cat Models Evaluation & Validation;
  • Model Innovation: Non-Modelled Regions Perils (NMRP);
  • Portfolio & Location Risk Assessment;
  • Innovation of Realistic Disaster Scenario (RDS);
  • Spatial Analysis & Map Generation (Google Earth, R-PDF, Arc GIS, QGIS, Web-based);
  • Tools Innovation & Development;
  • Standard reports Auto reporting;
  • Programming in R, C#, VBA, SQL, Python;
  • Training your team and analysts for any of aforementioned tasks.

We have over 26 years of experience in risk management, catastrophe modelling, exposure management, Cat model validation, Cat bonds, Cat pricing, actuarial projects, research & development, consulting in earthquake & geotechnical engineering, computer programming and GIS.

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